Laurent Juhel – knifemaker


I am a french knifemaker, loving hiking and trekking in the North wilderness. This is the reason why I make nordic style knives : they are beautiful and useful tools for all outdoor requirements. I try to develop my own style following traditional technics, expecially inspired from finnish knives called “puukko” and “leuku”. I am also particularly interested in Sami sheath knives, because of their very efficient shape on the field.

Sheath-knife inspired by Sami knives shape.

I started knifemaking around twelve years ago, as I decided to make my own knife for the purposes of my outdoor trips and activities. Scandinavian knives – and especially the finnish “puukko” – definitively caught my attention ! Those tools were the perfect link between my philosophy and my outdoor needs. Simple and efficient shape combinated with beautiful natural materials… So I started to craft nordic style knives with blades bought to scandinavian blacksmiths. Some years ago, I learned to smith my own blades with a friend. Finally, I started to work as a full time knifemaker since 2019.

You can also read more about me on the blog Nordiska knivar

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A personnal interpretation of a puukko-knife, burnst oak handle…
Trekking in Highlands of Iceland
Core work…
At the workshop…
Svalbard camp
Greenland, Disko island